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Watch_Dogs - சீசன் பாஸ் (DLC)
பங்குகளில் எக்ஸ்எக்ஸ் உரிமம் (கள்) உள்ளது


வழக்கமான விலை ரூ. 8.79 ரூ. 835.95 விற்பனை

Watch_Dogs - Season Pass (DLC) - ( PC Video Games )

WATCH_DOGS Season PassStay connected to the world of Watch_Dogs!Download the Season Pass to save over 25% and get immediate access to the Untouchable pack which includes a new skin and new weapon. The Season Pass contains a new Single Player Campaign featuring the legendary hacker T-Bone as a new playable character, 3 additional missions for the main game, 3 new weapons and 5 additional skins. It also includes a new mind bending game mode in which cyborgs are invading Chicago. Track them and take them down!In a world led by technology, hacking is our weapon.Buy the Season pass and get one week early access to all DLC content!

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